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At Texas Student Resources, Inc. and Arkansas Student Resources we take pride in offering affordable Student Athletic/Activities Insurance coverage designed to protect your students.

Sport Safety International Tips: Keeping Athletes Safe in the Summer Heat

With the summer heat just around the corner, it’s important for coaches, athletes and parents to be aware of how to prevent heat-related illness. To prevent heat illness (i.e. heat cramps, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke) during summer sports practices, especially heat stroke deaths, consider the following important tips:


1. Know the physical condition of the athlete

2. Acclimate to the heat.

3. Set proper practice times and duration.

4. Wear proper clothing....

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Students enjoy a wide range of educational and athletic opportunities that enrich their lives throughout the K-12 experience. Extracurricular activities, team sports, and field trips provide a dynamic environment of learning that often extends beyond the classroom and into a lifetime of healthy interests and participation, physical and social skills.


In the United States about 38 million children and teens participate in some form of organized sports. Approximately 3.5 million children ages 14 years and under receive medical treatment for sports injuries each year. The most common injuries are sprains and strains with one in four injuries considered serious. When an accident occurs on school property or during supervised school activities a financial and emotional hardship is presented to the affected families as well as potential liability to the school.


Texas and Arkansas Student Resources provides a reliable risk management program to ease the financial burden of medical treatment in the event of an accident.



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K-12 All-Student Blanket Accident Coverage


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